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How to breed bettas  Empty How to breed bettas

Post by Leafy Greens on Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:08 pm

I am by no means an expert and would rather call myself and introductory novice. But I have successfully bred Betta. So I will try to give you my experience until we get a better post and then I'll sticky that LOL.

How to breed betas:
Equipment needed:
1.5 to 10 gallon tank with lid (makeshift – saran wrap – foil – cardboard)
Heater 50 to 100 watt, make sure its relative to tank size (preferably submersible)
Foam cup or leaf, Cut cup in half and tape to sidewall with opening facing out so it doesn’t move
Clean water, Make sure its treated, RO or bottled water (just to take the guesswork out of it)

Recommended is a Hiding place for female (or else you sit there and watch the whole process)
I recommend BBS (baby brine shrimp), but other types are; microworms, vinegar eels, infusoria.
Here is a link on how to hatch your own BBS.

1. Selecting a good pair and having a goal in mind
2. Conditioning the pair and making sure they are ready
3. Prep breeding tank and grow out tank
4. Prep or make sure you have baby food ready
5. Breed the fish
6. Take the female after all her eggs drop, this might take a few time of them spawing (making love the fish way)
7. Monitor male, depending on the person, either keep him fed with the same food you conditioned him with. If you are from the school of thought that you don’t feed during this period then, monitor him to where the fish hatch then take him out immediately because a hungry father is a cannibalistic father.
8. Once eggs hatch and you see the father taking them up a few times then remove him once the fishes are able to swim back up by themselves. Or if you make is experienced and well fed, you can keep him in there until they start swimming horizontally.
9. Your babies will start to eat between 1-3 days. But I always just drop a little bbs in there the next day. Not a lot just a drop.
10. Then start feeding fry at least two times a day, three is recommended if you don’t have a job and stay home all day LOL.
11. Once they get big enough 3-5 months, you can move them to a bigger tank. BE CAREFUL, make sure water quality is the same or better than your breeding tank. They WILL DIE FAST if it is not.
12. You can switch them to different food other than brine shrimp once they are able to eat them, but always overlap when changing them for at least a few weeks so that the slow to change ones still get to eat the BBS until they get used to eating the new stuff. Eventually decreasing the BBS amount and then all together.
This is the basic overview that has worked for me. There are countless websites out there that will tell you the same or different. Please check what works for you and use that. My way is not the only way and not always considered correct. I have successfully bred in 1.5 gallons and have had fry do well while growing out.
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