3 ways to get good healthy water prep.

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3 ways to get good healthy water prep.

Post by [MODERATOR]SD_Bettas on Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:16 pm

Highly Recommended Option #1 (favorite)
--use clean aquarium water that you have set up and been running in a nice fish tank.
--use indian almond leaf or indian almond leaf teabags (teabags works faster due to its all chop into small bits and it resolves faster)

2nd Recommended Option
--Drinking water and letting it sit out for a day. w/ Indian almond leaf/teabags

3rd Recommended Option --THIS IS ONLY IF ITS MY LAST CHOICE I HAVE--
--Declorinated Meds w/ Tap water and always with Indian almond leaf. (AquaSafe, ETC. Aquasafe is my fav to use.)

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